Activity Rules & Permits

Please report violations or vandalism to the Flathead Ridge Ranch Security Team or the Montana FWP - contact information can be found here.

"If you see something, say something!"

Road Restrictions

FRR restricts the motorized access permitted on FRR lands to protect wildlife security; prevent sedimentation from logging roads; reduce the spread of noxious weeds; and protect our private land assets. The following rules apply:

  • All off-road motorized vehicle use is PROHIBITED.  This includes the use of motorcycles, electronic bicycles, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, ATV’s, UTV’s and OHV’s.

  • A gate, whether open or closed, with no signage stating otherwise, is a year-round closure to all motorized vehicles

  • Road restrictions apply behind unmarked gates, even if the gate is vandalized or open

  • Gates must not be blocked at any time. Administrative, contractor or emergency traffic may need to pass through. Vehicles blocking a gate may be towed at the vehicle owner's expense

  • Behind gates and barriers - walking, use of non-motorized bicycles and riding horses is allowed; no motorized vehicles

  • Road use is restricted with gates, barricades, earthen barriers, and/or signs. These restrictions may be on roads owned by FRR or on roads that are cooperatively managed with adjacent landowners. A cooperative road management sign identified the intended restriction

  • For the road to be open behind a gate, it must be specifically designated as "Open" or show a "Seasonal" open sticker or sign

  • An earthen barrier is considered a "Closure" to all motorized vehicles

  • Hunting or transportation of hunters or game with commercial vehicles is prohibited behind any road closure


Hunting Restrictions

  • Big Game hunting, as defined by published Montana FWP Hunting regulations is allowed. *Regulations and limits are set by the Montana FWP Hunting regulations* 

  • Hunting of gophers with firearms is prohibited on FRR lands

  • Baiting, chasing of black bears and other bears with hounds/dogs is prohibited on FRR lands

  • Baiting and hunting of wolves at night is prohibited on FRR lands

Breakfast at the Campsite

Camping Rules

  • All camping is limited to 7 days, and you must move off FRR property at the end of 7 days

  • Propane firepits only, no camp fires allowed on all FRR property

  • Pack out all garbage and leave campsite clean

  • No dumping of human waste, sewage, or grey water

  • Avoid polluting with human waste, please pack it out with you


*Permit Required*

No trapping is permitted on active logging; active quarry; and road construction or maintenance projects. Land based-trap setbacks required; 150 ft. from all open or grated roads and hiking trails and 1,000 ft. from residences and trailheads. 

Recreational Trapping

  • Recreational wolf trapping, as defined by Montana FWP trapping regulations is allowed on FRR property

  • Regulations and limits are set by the Montana FWP trapping license regulations. See here

  • Wolf trappers must be FWP "Wolf Trapper Certified"

Commercial Trapping

  • Commercial trapping will be limited on FRR lands and will follow published Montana FWP trapping regulations

  • Snaring of wolves and furbearers is prohibited on all FRR lands

All trappers must register with Brian Sommers with the following information:

  1. Trapper's Name

  2. Location (Section, Township and Range)

  3. Phone Number 

Stacked Wooden Logs


*Permit Required*

Firewood cutting is allowed on FRR property by permit only. Please contact Brian Sommers to purchase a permit. Click here for contact information.