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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a seasonal road closure and why do you have them?

Seasonal road closures are put in place to protect the roadbed or surrounding habitat from some destructive force. The roadbeds in the spring are very soft, and we may temporarily close the road to prevent or reduce damage that could cause more permanent closures. This could be as simple as a springtime road closure from March 1st to May 15th; or a road closure in the summer or fall due to a fire or other issue. Sometimes a seasonal road closure may become permanent if the damage to the road or habitat becomes too severe and the closure is needed to protect and save the habitat (i.e., a road in a riparian area or meadow that is receiving too much use, due to mud bogging or other excessive non-essential traffic). 

Why do you have areas that are closed to all public access?

While over 83% of FRR remains open for responsible public use, all FRR property in Lake County (the "Closure Area") is closed to all public access to protect the environment and to protect the safety and privacy of the owners.

Are any activities going to be allowed in the Closure Area?

Yes, non-motorized activities are allowed in the Lake Mary Ronan area during the day. Such activities include hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Camping is prohibited in the Closure Area at all times. Some areas will still be closed to all public access and will be posted as such. 

Can I go out and shoot gophers or sight in my rifle?

All recreational shooting is prohibited on FRR property for the safety of other users on the property, neighbors and the property owners.  If you which to shoot gophers, then you must first register with Stan Ottosen.

Are recreational vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, UTVs, or snowmobiles allowed on FRR property? 

Yes, in the areas open to public use, motorized vehicles are allowed and must stay on open roads. Operation of any motorized vehicles behind locked gates, off road, or in any other closed areas is strictly prohibited. No motorized vehicles are permitted in the Closure Area. 

Is Big Game hunting allowed on the property?

Yes; Big Game hunting is allowed on FRR property that is enrolled in Block Management through FWP. Hunting and discharging of firearms is strictly prohibited in the Closure Area. Bear baiting and chasing bears with hound is prohibited year round. Wolf trapping is prohibited.

Is camping allowed on the property?

Yes; camping is allowed on most of the property, except the Closure Area. Camping in the open areas on the property is limited to 7 days and we ask that you please clean up when you leave. Pack it in, Pack it out!

Can I have a campfire on FRR property?

No open camp fires are allowed, but propane firepits are currently allowed. This restriction is to help reduce the fire danger from unattended campfires and to help protect our land and our neighbors' land. 

Once I have met my 7-day camping limit, can I move to another spot?

We are asking that you leave FRR property for at least 7 days (1 week). You can then return if you would like, but camping is limited to 7 days to help reduce damage to the land. 

Can I cut firewood on FRR property?

Yes; FRR property is open to cutting firewood in the areas that are open to public access, but you must obtain a Firewood permit. Cutting firewood in the Closure Area is prohibited. Please see our Permits Page for instructions on how to purchase. 

Will the property be closed any time in the near future?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is - that depends on you and everyone else who uses the property. We are glad to have you participate in recreational activities and share the beauty of the land, but if people do not follow the rules and do the best they can to protect the land and the environment, then it is possible that additional closures may go into effect at some point in the future. Please do your part! If you enjoy using FRR property, help keep it open by protecting the environment and the privilege you have been given. If you see something, say something and report it to FRR security, FWP or the Flathead or Lake County Sheriff. 

Is FRR property open to trapping?

No. The trapping of wolves and other animals is prohibited.

Who do I call if I have a question? 

Please contact Stan Ottosen with any questions or concerns (see our Contact Page for information). Our website will be continually updated with the latest information and use rules. 

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