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Upon purchase of this Personal Use Firewood Cutting Permit, Permittee agrees:


  1. To assume all liability for injury, death, or damage which might result from exercise of the rights granted by this permit.
  2. To comply with all State and Federal fire regulations
  3. To respect all road closures and other road management regulations. Roads behind damaged or vandalized gates are closed unless posted by Flathead Ridge Ranch, LLC as "open to the public"
  4. Not to block traffic on any road and to completely remove all slash from the roadway and ditch and scatter it away from the vicinty of the road
  5. To protect all live timber and regeneration from harm and REMOVE ONLY DEAD, DOWNED TREES. No standing trees, dead or alive, shall be cut for firewood. (Standing dead trees are important for wildlife of all kinds)
  6. Not to use off-road vehicles, cable systems, or other mechanized equipment for yarding firewood, and not to drive off of established roadways
  7. Not to drive on roads that are wet and soft enough to be rutted
  8. Not to cut firewood on active logging or road construciton projects (if machinery is in the area, it is closed to firewood cutting)
  9. Not to cut firewood within 50 feet of any stream (fish habitat needs this woody material nearby)
  10. Not to haul firewood in lengths greater than six (6) feet
  11. To display a copy of your receipt (which will serve as a permit) on the dashboard of your vehicle while cutting and present it when asked to do so
  12. All firewood gathered is for personal use only, and not for resale (FRR will not sell wood permits to known commercial operators)
  13. Permit expires at the end of each calendar year from the date purchased
  14. All sales are final, no refunds allowed

Personal Use Firewood Permit

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