Welcome to Flathead Ridge Ranch

Flathead Ridge Ranch (FRR) welcomes the responsible use of its privately-owned land for limited non-commercial recreational activities. These lands are privately-owned and recreation on this land is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. Please adhere to the rules below while using FRR lands.

Public Access Rules & Regulations

General Restrictions:

  • Target or recreational shooting is prohibited

  • Discharge of firearms is limited to activities related to big game hunting and bird hunting (as regulated by state laws)

  • Discharge of fireworks is prohibited 

  • Camping limited to 7 days (must move off FRR property at the end of 7 days)

  • No campfires allowed (propane fire pits only)

  • Off-road motorized vehicle use is prohibited 

  • Trail building or construction of any permanent structures is prohibited

  • Pets must be supervised at all times and owners must pick up after their pets

  • Commercial activities (including trapping and woodcutting) is prohibited without purchase of a permit

While over 83% of FRR lands are open for responsible public use, the east side of FRR located in Lake County (see section in orange) is permanently closed to all public access. It is your responsibility to know whose property you are using - avoid trespassing on the private property of others to reach FRR lands. 


Frequently Asked Questions

"Why do you have areas that are closed to all public access?"

These areas are closed to all public access to protect the environment and to protect the safety of the owners when they are using the property in the closure areas.